God is the source of the diversity in the Universe


God is Immutable; perfect being endowed with supreme justice.
God is transcendental rising beyond normal boundaries of conflicts.
God is free of physical strait and is an impeccable glow of truth.
God is Omniscient, knowing all that is, as it truly is.
God is omnipresent, present in one and myriad souls.
God is my personal provider, who shows the path of purity.
God is free, not bound by inappropriate or involuntary restraints.
God is all loving being; generous, giver and benevolent.
God is all-just, committed to preserving what is right.
God is without enmity and is not afraid of anyone.
God is all-merciful, willing to rescue others from suffering.
God is the creator of the universe; the absolute authority!
God is the source of the diversity in the universe,
God is one 
and there is no creator of this creator!

-Mohindar Singh

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